Ambition of this year

To Change or Not To Change ? in 2019

Friendship force Hiroshima,
Chairman Hiroshi Yumite

Some history books and philosophy books said,

“ Those who can survive for any time

are not wise people nor powerful people.

All the people who could not change according

to the change of the era were extinct. “.

Leading role is shifting rapidly from companies to consumers, because of globalization and IT industry.

It is that age background and we are going towards declining birthrate and aging in.

Also, in 2018, Japanese large companies and famous universities had dropped out of the top seats. And we had seen a lot kind

of sad human disasters.

Recently affected by that we could find out the light and shadow of globalization.

Friendship Force each club are also on the same crisis situation.

I thought we must think of a way to solve and then take action to overcome the wall of fool.

Fortunately, I got the cooperation and wisdom form many our members. So, before 2019 began we had finished organizing FF

Hiroshima organization.

 Wishing  you  and  me  a  wonderful  New  Year  2019. 

   with  hugs  of  many  thanks  and  strong  friendship!

≪Much result 2018≫

There are three major achievements of international exchange that FF Hiroshima worked on.

The first is the ” Global Youth Journey “.         The second is the success of English language learning in Queensland, Australia.

The third is the launch of ” Web Campus Asia Pacific “.

Above all, the fact that a Russian high school student participate in GYJ has diversified the way interacting, and the content of

the interaction has advanced.

Moreover, the communication method at the time of exchange was able to easily overcome difficulties by the introduction of

pocket talk(automatic interpretation machine).

We had concerned if we might be able to communicate with participants non English-speaker in the future. But that has been

resolved by the way and it was become a brand-new experience of our smile.

Furthermore,the stay extension of the female junior high school student Mexico, FF Xalapa brought local people many pluses

and laughter.  She attends at an elementary school and junior high school nearby. She stay with the family of the junior high

school student and  enjoy “Team Teaching” with the ALT and at a high school and the university, contribute to the

globalization of the heart of people from an adult to a child through education, culture,the sports interchange very much.

After return home, she made full use of smartphone and iPad and communication continued with a junior high school student

and adult of the friend frequently, and they were able to build the flexible human relation as the distance and border, the

barrier of the culture were not felt at all each other.

WebCampus  Asia-Pacific,  CyberCampus  Pan-Pacific

≪Expectation 2019 to further development≫

I felt it to spend empty time without an new opinion or a new question at all specifically only by bringing up(the restoration of

youth and activation of the organization, acquisition method of the new member) of the same problem that was repeated for

the past several years although I participated in FF Japan meeting, Matsuyama(October 14th,15th) idly. It was disappointed

two days when so-called “Wall syndrome of the fool, old age” did not seem to be over nationwide either.

To  change  or  not  to  change,  that’s  the  question.

But two proposals(I announced as FF Hiroshima in FFI several years ago.)

One is “Global Youth Journey”(GYJ)

Two is “The Life English Training Program” ( This had been already developed in various place in English zone.)

(This having come to be carried out as for one in earnest.)

And possibility that two of them are connected organically by “WebCampus  Asia-Pacific” and develop at the same time

increases, and there should not be the thing that we will smash this trend in future.