Friendship Force

The Friendship Force, which began in 1977 with the initiative of then US President Jimmy Carter, celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2017.
Deepen friendship by knowing each other’s culture and custom through home-stay,
It is a non-profit organization for international exchange that aims for world peace.

The Friendship Force has an international headquarters FFI in Atlanta, USA.
There are more than 350 clubs in 70 countries around the world.


In Japan, there was a first departure in 1979,
At the time, it was an organization that was only in Tokyo, but now it has been expanded to 4 blocks 26 clubs and having exchange activities.

Main activity

  • One bimonthly club meeting
  • Annual overseas home-stay trips
  • Hosting of overseas several times a year
  • Guide and support foreign visitors to Hiroshima
  • Several study sessions / seasonal events

Clubs in Japan (26 clubs)

North block (6 clubs)/East block (5 clubs)/Central block (7 clubs)/ West block (8 clubs)

Exchange activity

FF Hiroshima members have meetings for travel and reception three times a month.
We exchange information in English between members and we strive to facilitate reception and travel.


We visit foreign Friendship Force clubs as ambassadors.
The home-stay will sleep together at the member’s home and will try to understand each other’s country and introduce Japan properly.
One home stay is about one week, and you can go for two weeks by continuing twice.
Safe and original new experience is waiting for you.


We welcome you to your host’s home, matched by hobbies, occupation, age, etc.
You will experience daily life as it is in our family.
We provide bed and meals and, as much as possible, create a chance to experience daily life.
Even if you are nervous at first, it is hard to say goodbye to your friends after living in the same house.

The Friendship Force Pledge.

As a member of The Friendship Force

I recognize that I can make a difference.I recognize that I have a mission.

That mission is to be a friend

to the people of the world.As I embark upon this adventure,

I know that others will be watching me.

I know that through my example to my own
fellow citizens and the people of other nations,
the cause of friendship, love and peace

will be furthered.I CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.