Ambition of this year

The world are facing the hardship caused by the pandemic and difficulties caused by it.

While many people in every corner of the world are suffering from it, some are trying to overcome the issues, and others are trying to survive this situation and create new ways of living, working, and enjoying their life.

FF International has started trying to rebuild its financial foundation and providing new means of international exchanges to the world.

FF Hiroshima, under the leadership of Mr. Yumite, ex-president of FF Hiroshima, has been creating and operating various activities which members can participate in with joy and enthusiasm, as well as hosing visitors.  Now we are not only waiting for that hardship to be resolved, but also creating and practicing what we can do now and what we can do for the future.

Members of FF Hiroshima and promising members, please expect our club to offer you

valuable things enriching your life for the present time and in the future.


                                                         Tetsuya Taga

                                      President of FF Hiroshima



Ambition of this year

Go Beyond in Reiwa 2

 Hiroshi Yumite

Result of 2019

Three result of the international exchange that FF Hiroshima worked on in 2019.

One enforcement of the second “youth interchange = Global Youth Journey of the world” GYJ,

As for the second, the second Australian English receives training,

The third is the second Web campus Asia Pacific.

I was able to make the base which led to the development expansion of the FF activity of 2020 each.

As the this year FF Hiroshima’s greatest result,

Because the participation of the youth generation advanced, and an FF activity was activated, and the charm of the meeting increased,

The member total number surpassed 90 people as of the end of 2019,

The member total number becomes 67 people as of February, 2020.

Aim ❶ of 2020 ❷

As a promotion group of open international exchanges,

I continue working hard to raise social recognition and brand power of FF Hiroshima and,

Without forgetting a vision and the mission of the organization,

I entered until now for the stage when it was demanded that I worked on “the repetition management” that I built seriously.

Therefore while social globalization and introduction of IT advance, for organization system optimization,

I elected the next people as permanent construction charge D Lecter of the plan management section.

One foreigner (vice-chairperson Managing Director),

One Japanese (secretariat’s deputy manager Undersecretary),

Interchange plan, +1 trip management Directer,

+1 youth exchange charge Directer,

+1 パーテイ entertainment charge Directer,

Add website, +1 spokesman Directer,

Accept the earnest suggestion from many people,

I recognize [emergence club] as following [existing salon] some other time,

I decided to support it as permanent construction or an FF group activity for a limited time in future.

In this way, I thought that members as many as possible came to be able to participate in an activity of the FF.

Salon (dance music + Daniel in “Movin”),

 Salon (CanCan), a salon (Eric),

With the Salon of above 3 ,clubs(WebCampus foreigner participates)①, club (inbound, HC)②,

club (outbound, AC)③, club (the overseas English training, AC)④,

More than a club (hospitality, Dinner host, Day host)⑤,

While 5 clubs being like this, and getting the wide understanding of member all of you and cooperation, participation in 2020,

An activity of FF Hiroshima is sustainable and develops continuously,

❶❷I want to strengthen an approach still more so that an aim achieves it of this.